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A Personal Message

Dear Friends,

2020 has been a year none of us will ever forget.
Few will feel unchanged by the pandemic experience.
For me, Corona has resulted in some rather dramatic changes.


Firstly, I have decided to no longer appear in public as a violinist (after a career which lasted over 40 years).
Strangely enough, I am now able to listen to my own recordings and videos as a violinist with some genuine pleasure.


Secondly, I have experienced a kind of catharsis as a composer. After nearly 30 years of serious but mostly secretive composing, I have sent a composition of mine written during the lockdown (an almost absurdly Romantic and Optimistic Cello Concerto entitled SAGA) to scores of friends and colleagues with the hope of hearing them play it.

This experience has been challenging to say the least.
Life felt safer before the decision to go public with my music and I am deeply grateful for the emotional support and encouragement of my wife, managers, children, friends, colleagues and my incredibly gifted, enthusiastic STUDENTS!


Of course, conducting is, as always both an awesome thrill and a profound responsibility for me. I consider it a great honor to conduct my musician-colleagues around the world and I continue to be infinitely inspired by the transcendent music we are so privileged to play.


Wishing you all happy transformations as we look forward to the Post-Corona World!


With love,

PS I am also now active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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